Initial Autopilot Feature Matrix for Bonanza P35-V35B

As of 5/2019

Feature Available
Straight and Level
Roll modes: ROLL HOLD, HDG, TRK, HSI, GPS Steering
Altitude Hold
Altitude Pre-Select
Altitude Change via VS or IAS
Fully-coupled approaches (GPS/VNAV/LPV/GS/LOC/ILS)
Flight Director
Yaw Damper
Manual Trim Advice
Electric Trim Control * Coming Soon
Autopilot Autotrim ** Coming Soon

* The upcoming A36 Bonanza STC expansion adds the ability for SkyView to drive DC Pitch Trim motors of up to 3 amps. If electric trim is integrated into a legacy autopilot system, the electric trim capability will initially be unavailable when the legacy autopilot is replaced with Dynon servos. Autopilots known to be affected by this integration include the Century I, II, III. Save your electric trim servo for possible future use when approval is obtained.

** Planned future function, with upcoming Bonanza A36 approval (estimated 2nd Half 2019).