Available for C172 F-S Models

Meet SkyView HDX: The first integrated, affordable, glass panel retrofit avionics solution for type certificated aircraft. Now available for your aircraft.

SkyView HDX Features

Dynon Certified panels feature SkyView HDX, Dynon’s flagship integrated avionics platform that replaces your legacy equipment with a modern, affordable system.
SkyView HDX can do it all:

  • Primary Flight Display with Synthetic Vision and Angle-of-Attack
  • Approach capable Autopilot
  • Engine Monitor with all EGTs/CHTs, Lean Assist, and Fuel Computer
  • Mapping with Flight Planning, ADS-B Traffic and Weather, and Electronic Flight Bag
  • Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out
  • and much more...

SkyView HDX’s superb touch screen works with ergonomic knobs and buttons to offer positive, intuitive controls in all flight conditions.

Primary Flight Display

All of your flight instruments - fully capable of IFR - plus angle of attack, synthetic vision, and much more.

Engine Monitoring

Whether you’re a “rich of peak” or “lean of peak” fan, you’ll have all the tools you need - including % power - to effectively manage your powerplant. Other advanced features include fuel computer and all EGT/CHTs.

Traffic and Weather

Gain superior situational awareness with full ADS-B In Traffic and Weather.


Full-featured autopilot with advanced features like Flight Director, VNAV, altitude pre-select, and coupled approaches (when connected to an IFR navigator).

Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out

No need to install a separate 2020-compliant ADS-B Out solution - SkyView HDX has you covered.

Flight Planning & Mapping

Full-featured and intuitive flight planning and mapping, including optional charts, airport diagrams, and procedures.

Not Just for VFR

Installing SkyView HDX does not change aircraft certification basis or operating limitations. All primary flight instruments, including attitude, are fully IFR capable, with backup provided by an independent second EFIS. SkyView HDX is additionally compatible with popular IFR navigators like the Avidyne IFD series and the GTN/GNS series.

Package Pricing


STC Permission Statement & Letter of Authorization $2,000
Basic Package (minimum required equipment)
Includes 10” SkyView HDX primary display; all required flight instruments; integral moving map and VFR GPS Navigator; separate self-contained EFIS-D10A back-up flight instrument


Second 7” or 10” SkyView HDX Display $3,540/$4,930
ADS-B Out/In
Class I Mode S transponder with ADS-B Out capability; 2020-compliant high integrity GPS position source; ADS-B In dual-band traffic/weather receiver
2-axis autopilot with: roll-axis HDG, TRK and NAV modes; pitch-axis altitude preselect, capture and hold; lateral and vertical navigation and ability to fly fully-coupled instrument approaches (if aircraft is suitably equipped with IFR navigation source)
Engine Monitoring
Full engine instrumentation for 4-cylinder Lycoming engine, including all-cylinder CHT/EGT, fuel flow monitoring, and fuel computer
COM Radio
25 kHz VHF Com radio with innovative panel-mounted control module
Network Cables
Network cables are required to interconnect many of the SkyView system modules. Cost of network cables is estimated. Final cost will depend on sub-systems and options selected.
$300 to $500
IFR Connectivity Kit
This kit is required for connectivity with an IFR GPS Navigator or multi-function IFR GPS/NAV/COM. Aircraft equipped with two IFR GPS navigators require two “IFR Connectivity Kits”.
Dedicated Autopilot Mode Control Module and Knob Control Module
SkyView’s integrated autopilot may be fully controlled through the SkyView HDX display. These optional panel modules give the pilot dedicated controls for these functions, similar to legacy autopilot systems and those found in corporate and commercial aircraft.

  • Prices listed are for system components, mounting brackets, and most other installation accessory items. Additional components and accessories may be required depending on the sub-systems and options selected.
  • For IFR operations, the aircraft must additionally be equipped with a suitable IFR navigation source, for example: a VOR Nav radio (only certain models integrate with SkyView); an IFR GPS navigator or multi-function GPS/NAV/COM device.
  • Some options have additional optional components available which are not included in prices above.
  • Shipping costs and applicable sales taxes are not included.
  • Labor costs for installation are not included.


As we deploy both our Certified product line and our installation network, we are committed to some distinct goals for the program that we think you’ll appreciate…
  1. A high quality installation
  2. An affordable installation
  3. An excellent customer experience

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We realize that many of you are anxious to install a Dynon Certified system, but may not be near one of our initial installation centers. As an alternative path, aircraft owners can also now purchase the Certified SkyView HDX system and the STC Authorization directly from Dynon and arrange for installation themselves at a qualified installer.



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IFR Connectivity Kit
Engine Monitoring
ADS-B Out/In
7” Copilot display (when it becomes available)
Com radio (when it becomes available)