Dynon Certified D30 Trade-up Offer

Dynon will soon (SEE DETAILS) offer a trade-up program for Dynon Certified customers that would like to trade-in their EFIS-D10A towards a new D30.

When you purchase a PMA’d D30 through this program, you will be eligible for the following rebate when you trade-in your PMA’d EFIS-D10A:

EFIS-D10A purchased in 2023: $1000 rebate
EFIS-D10A purchased before 2023: $500 rebate

Additionally, if you purchased an EFIS-D10A on or after June 15th, 2023, please contact Dynon sales directly instead of using this program.

Before you take advantage of this offer, please read and understand ALL of the following:

How do I participate in this offer?

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to sign up for this offer.
  2. Dynon will service customers as inventory and capacity allows in the order submissions are received. When it is your turn, a Dynon sales representative will reach out to initiate your Trade-Up.
  3. You will be eligible to purchase a Dynon D30 + battery for your certified aircraft. Note that the battery is required by the STC.
  4. You will be issued an RMA for your legacy EFIS-D10A.
  5. Have a qualified mechanic or shop remove your EFIS-D10A and install your new D30 in your aircraft. Note that the harness from your EFIS-D10A works with your D30.
  6. Remove the battery from your EFIS-D10A. Do NOT return it to Dynon. Dispose of it at a recycling facility that accepts Li-Ion batteries. In the US, stores such as Home Depot and Best Buy often receive such batteries.
  7. After swapping your displays, return your EFIS-D10A to Dynon using the RMA previously provided. Upon receipt, Dynon will rebate you the amount you are eligible for.

Additional Important Details

Dynon D30s purchased at retail are not eligible for this program. You MUST take delivery of your D30 through this program.

This upgrade program is available only directly from Dynon. Upgrades are not available through dealers and distributors.

Returned EFIS-D10A must be undamaged.

Please note that Dynon does not yet have the production capacity to begin servicing D30 trade-up requests. However, once the program begins, customers that fill out this form will be serviced in order received.

At the present time, this offer is open to owners of PMA Dynon Certified EFIS-D10A units only. This offer does not apply to experimental / light sport customers. However, there is a separate program for owners of all D10/D100 series equipment to upgrade to a SkyView HDX system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We service customers in the order that they apply via the form on this page. We are able to accommodate a limited and variable amount of trade-up requests each week depending on our excess inventory. This makes timing estimates difficult to make as we start this program. As this program stabilizes, we will update this page with estimated wait times.

This offer is available for a limited time. It may end at any time without warning.

• The harness from your EFIS-D10A should work with the D30 without modification, provided it is long enough: the D30 is shorter than the EFIS-D10A.
• The D30s battery is different from that in the EFIS-D10A.The must be installed in the D30. You should remove the battery from your EFIS-D10A and dispose of it. Do not send the EFIS-D10A battery back to Dynon.
• The D30 is taller than the EFIS-D10A. Considerations should be taken when mounting next to existing equipment. The bottom of the 3 ⅛” instrument hole will need to be notched for the D30 mounting screw. Please see the D30 Installation Manual for physical dimensions.

At this time, this offer is only available to PMA EFIS-D10A units installed in Dynon Certified panels.