SkyView ADAHRS to ARINC Module Stacking Kit

The ADAHRS to ARINC Module Stacking Kit can be used to attach the SV-ARINC-429 directly to the SV-ADAHRS-200 module, simplifying the installers challenge of finding room for, as well as designing and fabricating mounting brackets for the SkyView electronic modules. By fastening the Module Stacking Plate to the top surface of the SV-ADAHRS-200 module, the SV-ARINC-429 module may then be attached, stacking the two modules together.

This kit provides the Module Stacking Plate, and all of the hardware needed to stack and install the modules.

$41 - ADAHRS to ARINC Module Stacking Kit

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These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.