Standby Flight Display

Provides a completely independent set of backup flight instruments.

The Standby Flight Display function is provided by the iconic EFIS-D10A. The EFIS-D10A changed the face of experimental avionics, with thousands of units operating in the field since it entered service. The EFIS-D10A’s innovative design integrates the Standby Flight Information into a sunlight-readable, 4" diagonal, color LCD. Six buttons and related menus allow pilots to perform flight-related functions.

The EFIS-D10A is the ideal standby display because of its affordability and dependability. Its primary flight information is completely independent from the rest of the SkyView system due to its dedicated display, its internal Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS), and internal 45-minute duration backup battery. As a result, the EFIS-D10A is available to the pilot for cross-comparison with the Primary Display during normal operations, and is immediately available to the pilot should the primary display ever fail. The EFIS-D10A is compact enough to be installed close to your SkyView Primary Display for both ease of use and FAA regulatory compliance.

$2,200 - Standby Flight Display

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Advanced ADAHRS: Dynon's advanced ADAHRS (Air Data, Attitude, and Heading Reference System) integrates over a dozen solid-state sensors that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. All the ADAHRS sensors are built inside the EFIS-D10A instrument housing saving installation time and space. Each ADAHRS undergoes a rigorous calibration regime at the factory to ensure accuracy over its full operating range. Unlike mechanical gyros, Dynon's rugged design is tolerant to aggressive flight maneuvers, automatically corrects itself anytime its gyros' capabilities are exceeded and cannot be damaged by aerobatics or unusual attitudes.

Reliable Operation: Dynon's EFIS-D10A utilizes an embedded, multi-processor design that delivers real-time performance and stability. This purpose-built design is unencumbered by burdensome operating systems that typically slow down performance and require long boot times. Dynon's software design enables complete control to maximize execution speed and deliver robust reliability. A hallmark of the EFIS-D10A's performance and a great safety feature is its ability to display the correct attitude within a few seconds of being powered on while in flight.

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.


EFIS-D10A: 1lb 7.4oz

Dimensions: 4.09"W x 3.39"H x 7.64"D

Screen: 3.8" diagonal

GPS-S251 for D10/D100 Series: 6.7 oz

EDC-D10A Remote Magnetometer (optional): 3.6 oz

Backup Battery (optional): 6.4 oz

OAT Probe (optional): 2.5 oz

AOA Probe (optional): 5.7 oz

Wiring Harness: 10.9 oz

Wiring: D-25 male connector

Plumbing: 1/8" NPT (female) each for pitot, static and angle of attack

Audio: Alarm signal for input to intercom or audio panel

Voltage: 10 - 30 Vdc

Power: 13 watts normal operation, 17 watts (max) if internal battery is charging

Temperature: -22 to 122 F (-30 to 50 C)

Airspeed: 20 - 325 knots indicated

Altitude: -1200 to 30,000 Feet

Attitude: Automatic recovery from rates greater than 150 degrees per second in roll, pitch and yaw. In-flight start capability.

G-Meter: -10 g's to +10 g's

OAT: -40 to 140 F (-40 to 60 C)