Dynon Avionics - Glass Cockpit Made Easy

Talking to TomsAviation at AirVenture 2023 about SkyView HDX for Certified Aircraft.

The Dynon Certified Avionics Panel Upgrade

YouTub Channel: Glen's Hangar - Canucks Unlimited

In this episode, Glen pulls out all of the old steam gauges to start our Dynon avionics glass panel upgrade. Glen also unboxes the new Dynon HDX system and shows you what we'll be installing to upgrade our Cessna 172B to a full glass cockpit.

Dynon Skyview in a Cherokee| HDX FULL REVIEW in flight and w/approach

YouTub Channel: SoCal Flying Monkey

After a few months of flying with the Dynon Skyview HDX for certified system, SoCal Flying Monkey shares his in depth review in his Piper PA32-300.

Dynon HDX Panel Tour PA32-300

YouTub Channel: SoCal Flying Monkey

The Flying Monkey gives a tour of the new Dynon HDX centric panel on the way back from the installation.


YouTub Channel: PilotFun101

Flying behind SkyView HDX in a Mooney M20C from KMGJ to KMPO.

Dynon's New Certified Avionics

Talking to AVweb to Introduce the SkyViews HDX system for certified aircraft at AirVenture 2017.

Dynon Certified Ad: Bonanza Before & After

Dramatically modernize your aircraft panel with a SkyView HDX upgrade. Now available for nearly 600 Type Certificated Aircraft.

There's A Reason Pilots... FLYDYNON

With over 20 years of innovation, installations in over 20,000 aircraft, and FAA STC Approval for nearly 600 Certified aircraft models, there's a reason pilots #FLYDYNON.