The table below details the aircraft that are currently approved for Dynon’s SkyView HDX STC, what we’re currently working on, what’s up next, and what models we are most likely to seek approval for beyond that. We expect the list of planned aircraft to evolve over time.

Please note that this is our projected schedule. The timeline of certification projects of any type with the FAA is beyond any company’s direct control. Please ask a Dynon staffer for further information on the specifics of each aircraft application.

Nearly 600 Piston Single Aircraft Models Now Approved (AML++)

AML++ is the Dynon program that brought approval for the Dynon Certified suite to nearly 600 aircraft, allowing more pilots than ever to benefit from Dynon’s affordable avionics solutions. In order to speed development and certification, these approvals will not initially include autopilot, which requires more extensive per-aircraft R&D.

Aircraft Models Autopilot Availability Product Pricing
Nearly 600 Piston Single Aircraft Models
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Some Models
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Aircraft Model Autopilot Availability Product Pricing
Cessna 172 F thru S
Available Now Pricing Information (PDF)

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Beechcraft Bonanza P35, S35, V35, V35A, and V35B
(Autopilot Features and Aircraft Applicability)
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Aircraft Model Autopilot Estimated
Piper PA-34 Seneca
October 2020
Beechcraft Bonanza Autopilot Expansion
Currently expected to include at least the following:
  • Bonanza 36, A36
Additional variants in the Bonanza 33 and 35 families may also be included pending further research.
(Autopilot Features and Aircraft Applicability)
2nd Half 2020
Cessna 182
1st Half 2021
Beechcraft Baron
1st Half 2021
Mooney M20
1st Half 2021

To determine whether the STC is approved for your particular aircraft, check the Detailed Approved Model List