Dynon Certified SkyView HDX System Software

The software on this page is for STC approved installations of Dynon equipment.

The software on this page is for STC-approved installations only. If you have an SkyView system installed in an Experimental or Light Sport Aircraft, please visit the Software download page on dynonavionics.com.

Types of Software Updates

Preventive Software Updates contain only minor changes to the software. They do not have a significant impact on the system features, airworthiness, or user interface. Preventive Software Updates may be installed by owners or operators that are able to perform Preventive maintenance on the aircraft.

Non-Preventive Software Updates significantly change the system features, airworthiness, or user interface. Non-Preventive Software Update must be performed by an appropriately authorized mechanic or repair station.

Who May Install Software Updates

Type of Update Owner/Operator FAA Credentialed Mechanic/Repair Station
Aviation and Obstacle Data
Charts and Airport Diagrams
Basemap and Terrain Databases
Engine Sensor Definitions NOT ALLOWED
Software Updates NOT ALLOWED

Software Update Guidance

Model Required Software Version Update Guidance
C172 F-S 15.3.4 or newer Version 15.3.5 primarily contains support for Bonanza V35 certification. It also makes minor performance improvements to the autopilot. The update is at owner’s discretion.
Bonanza 35 15.3.5 or newer Not applicable: 15.3.5 is the latest available.
All Other Models on AML++ 15.3.5 or newer Not applicable: 15.3.5 is the latest available.

Dynon Certified SkyView HDX System Software

This download contains a single file that has the latest approved software and engine definitions. For convenience, it also includes the latest US aviation and obstacle databases.

Software Update Package

Version: 15.3.5
Package Updated: 09/10/2020
  • 15.3.5 Software Update: 4/29/2019 release
  • US Aviation Database: 09/10/2020 release
  • US Obstacles Database: 09/10/2020 release
  • EMS Sensor Definitions: 4/23/2020 release
  • US Stadium TFRs: as of late 2014
How to Update Software

To update SkyView Software, follow the applicable instructions in the ICA (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness).

Software Changes by Version

Version Date Released Preventive Update? Changes
15.3.5 4/29/2019 Yes
Installable by Owner/Operator
Added: Up to four discrete landing gear contacts now supported. Requires updated engine sensor definitions.
Added: New EGT/CHT styles to support certification.
Improved: Autopilot heading and track hold modes improved to reduce overshooting the desired target direction.
Improved: Certification support: Autopilot now indicates NO ALT INTCP in expert mode when it will never intercept the altitude preselect when climbing or descending in IAS or VS mode.
15.3.4 9/13/2018 N/A

Initial release for STC approved SkyView HDX systems.

Updated Engine Sensor Definitions

This file updates the engine sensor calibrations used by the EMS, usually to accommodate new sensors options. This file will not change your sensor settings, red lines, alarms, layouts, or the pins chosen in the Sensor Input Mapping menu. This file must be loaded to each SkyView display individually.

Engine Sensor Definitions

Version: 68298
Package Updated: 05/14/2020

Engine Sensor Changes
Version 68298
Added: Support for new Kavlico 15/50/150 PSI sensors.