Dynon Certified Surveys

There are two ways you can register your interest in Dynon Certified and help us gain approval for your aircraft:

Tell us about your plane

If SkyView HDX is not yet certified for your aircraft, or there isn’t a Dynon autopilot for it yet, please tell us about your aircraft. We use interest levels indicated in these survey responses to help plan future Dynon Certified projects.

Autopilot Interior Structure Image Upload

Many of you have asked how you can help speed up aircraft autopilot approvals. One of the “gotcha” areas is seemingly minor differences in airframes across model years that can greatly affect autopilot design and applicability for the whole family. Having a better look inside the “guts” of as many aircraft as possible helps our certification team reduce these risks, and lets us expand and verify the exact models that future autopilot projects will apply to. We would like images of the inside of your fuselages, wings, and the other structures that autopilot servo installations live in. The best pictures would be those of existing autopilot installations. If you can include a ruler for scale, that would be helpful too. Finally, knowing the actual diameters of your aircraft’s control cables would make our engineers really happy. The best time to grab such pictures is probably during your annual or other significant work. Thank you in advance!