With over 600 piston single aircraft models approved and system packages start around $10,000, there is a Dynon Certified panel available for everyone.

Every Dynon Certified SkyView HDX system starts with the core system required by the STC. This includes redundant Primary and Standby flight information displays, a robust VFR GPS Navigator Moving-Map display, and a feature-rich flight planning tool. From here, add additional capabilities from a broad range of optional systems components and accessories.


Core System Components

The Core System consists of the minimum components required by the STC. The STC is approved for over 600 aircraft models.

SkyView HDX Primary Display
Either the 7” or the 10” diagonal SkyView HDX display units can be selected as the pilots primary display. Both display units provide unrivaled control ergonomics and a redundant touch-screen interface. One display is required to be installed in the pilot’s position, and configured for the primary role by the STC.
The ADAHRS provides the SkyView system with primary flight information, including attitude, airspeed, altitude, DG, VSI, AOA, G-meter, turn rate, slip/skid ball, OAT, and TAS.
SkyView Remote Magnetometer
The Remote Magnetometer provides the SkyView system with magnetic heading information. It is considered remote, as it is intended to be located anywhere in the airplane free of magnetic disturbances.
SkyView GPS Receiver / Antenna
The SkyView GPS Receiver/Antenna provides SkyView with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) position information which meets the GPS requirements of the FAA ADS-B Out mandate.
SkyView Backup Battery
The SkyView Backup Battery provides 45 minutes of system run-time to the corresponding SkyView display, as well as any SkyView modules connected to the network, in the event of an airplane power system failure.
Dynon D30
The Dynon D30 provides an independent source of Primary Flight Information, providing cross-comparison, as well as the immediate availability of backup instruments in case of failure.
Internal Backup Battery for Standby Flight Display
The battery and charging circuitry are conveniently located within the EFIS and provide up to two hours of system run-time in the event of a power failure. The EFIS will automatically re-charge the battery anytime external power is applied.


Additional Displays

Up to two additional display units can be configured as secondary displays. The Skyview system can operate a total of three display units.

Additional SkyView HDX Display Units
Up to two additional 7” or 10” displays may be installed in your panel as secondary displays. A maximum of 3 total displays are supported.
SkyView Display Harness
The SkyView Display Harness features a fully terminated 37 pin D-sub connector at one end that mates with the main connector on the back of the SkyView display. This harness provides all the color-coded wiring for every input and output signal with exception those that travel across the SkyView network.



This is a list of the optional components that can be added to your SkyView system.

SkyView Knob Control Panel
SkyView Knob Control Panel provides you with direct access to the three most used functions: Selected HDG/TRK, Selected ALT, and BARO setting. The system maximum is two knob panels total.
Panel Mounted USB Port
The instrument panel mounted USB Port makes loading software and data into your display unit simple by eliminating the need to access the USB ports on the rear of the display unit.
Network Splitter
When the SkyView 5-Port Hub is overkill, and you just need to connect two modules to one network cable, the 12 inches long SkyView Network Splitter cable allows one SkyView Network connection to be split into two.
5-Port Network Hub
The Network Hub joins up to five SkyView Network Cables together, eliminating complicated splicing. Simply plug and play!
SkyView Network Cables
Prefabricated cables in a wide variety of lengths interconnect SkyView Network components to make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible. These connect displays, ADAHRS, EMS, ARINC, COM radio, and Knob & AP control panels.
Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit for SV-HDX1100
The Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit provides the installer with a quick and simple method for mounting many of the commonly used SkyView electronic modules right behind the instrument panel.
COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Kit
The COM/Transponder Module Mounting Tray Kit simplifies the retrofit of the Dynon remote mounted COM and Transponder transceivers into your airplane by locating these modules in a tray that is designed to fasten to the radio rack where previous rack mounted COM and XPNDR transceivers were located.
SV-HDX800 Module Mounting Tray
The SV-HDX800 Module Mounting Tray reduces installation time by mounting permanently to the forward side of the instrument panel and providing nut plates for a quick and simple method of fastening the SV-HDX800 Display unit, the SV-BAT-320 Back Up Battery, along with one of either the SV-COM-T8 COM Transceiver, or the SV-XPNDR-261 Transponder.


Engine Monitoring

SkyView’s Engine Monitoring System can monitor data provided by a long list of engine and airframe status and performance sensors, including EGTs and CHTs for all cylinders, and actual fuel-flow. The system will provide guidance for proper leaning of the fuel mixture for improved cooling and fuel consumption, as well as perform real-time fuel endurance and range calculations. The system also can be configured to provide visual and voice-aural alerts for every monitored parameter.

SkyView Engine Monitoring System (EMS) Module
The EMS module collects and processes data signals from a wide variety of engine and airframe sensors to provide Skyview with engine and airframe operational information for display in real-time.
Engine Sensor Main Wire Harness, 6' long
Provides wire for every analog sensor signal needed to monitor your engine and airframe system, and then some.
Fuel Flow Transducer
EI FT-60 TSO, 1/4" Female NPT, .6-70+ GPH
Oil Temperature Sensor
1/8-27 NPT for Continental O-200 4-cylinder engines
Oil Temperature Sensor
5/8-18 UNF for all Lycoming engines and Continental 6-cylinder engines.
Fuel/Oil Pressure Sensor
Kavlico v2 15, 50, or 150 PSI
Manifold Pressure Sensor
0-60 In Hg, Barbed fitting for 1/8” hose
Amps Shunt
0-100 Amps sensing, compact form-factor
EGT/CHT Wire Harness, 4-cylinder
6’ long harness with 25-pin D-sub connector mates with EMS Module, and provides EGT and CHT sensor wiring necessary for 4-cylinders.
EGT/CHT Wire Harness, 6-cylinder
6’ long harness with 25-pin D-sub connector mates with EMS Module, and provides EGT and CHT sensor wiring necessary for 6-cylinders.
Carb Air Temperature
-50º to 150ºF operation, 1/4-28 UNF
CHT, Bayonet
3/8-24 UNF, for use with Lycomings and Continental engines.
EGT, Hose Clamp
1.00-2.25” hose clamp mounted, for use with Lycomings and Continental engines.
EMS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit
The EMS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit can be used to attach the ADAHRS or the ARINC-429 modules directly to the EMS module, simplifying the installers challenge of finding room for, as well as designing and fabricating mounting brackets for the SkyView electronic modules.
Current Shunt Mounting Bracket
This bracket simplifies the mounting of the EMS Current Shunt used for sensing your airplane's electrical usage. The bracket is sized and shaped to accommodate the shunt and can be mounted to the instrument panel or other airplane structure.


COM Radio

SkyView COM Radio
SkyView’s COM Radio will change the way you communicate. Because the feature-rich radio is so deeply integrated with the Dynon SkyView system, frequencies can be tuned by airport and station type at the touch of dedicated buttons!


Transponder / ADS-B Out

The SkyView Transponder is remote mounted and controlled via the SkyView display. It requires no dedicated panel-mounted controls, saving panel space and reducing installation time.

SkyView Class 1 Mode-S Transponder Module
The SkyView Class 1, Mode-S Transponder meets the transponder requirements of the FAA ADS-B Out mandate.
Transponder Harness Kit
The Transponder Harness Kit contains color-coded wiring, connectors, and hardware necessary to mate with and operate the SkyView Transponder.



SkyView ADS-B IN Traffic & Weather Receiver Module
In U.S. airspace, the SkyView ADS-B In Traffic and Weather Receiver, when combined with the Dynon Class 1 Mode-S transponder, will provide you access to ALL of the subscription-free TIS-B, ADS-R, and FIS-B services provided by the FAA.
ADS-B Receiver Harness kit
The ADS-B Receiver Harness Kit contains color-coded wiring, connectors, and hardware necessary to mate with and operate the SkyView ADS-B Receiver.
ADS-B (UAT) Receiver Antenna
Steel rod 978 MHz. antenna with mounting base, connector, and protective ball end.


IFR Connectivity

SkyView ARINC-429 Module
The SkyView ARINC-429 Module allows SkyView to communicate with any third-party GPS-based IFR Navigation system that uses ARINC-429 communication protocols.
ADAHRS to ARINC Module Stacking Kit
The ADAHRS to ARINC Module Stacking Kit can be used to attach the SV-ARINC-429 directly to the SV-ADAHRS-200 module, simplifying the installers challenge of finding room for, as well as designing and fabricating mounting brackets for the SkyView electronic modules.