SkyView GPS Receiver/Antenna Module

A sensitive, WAAS enabled GPS receiver and antenna.

The SkyView GPS Receiver/Antenna Module is a sensitive, WAAS enabled GPS receiver/antenna module that mounts to the exterior of the airplane, and communicates with SkyView via a data connection rather than the typical coax to minimize interference. It provides the SkyView system with the latitude/longitude data it requires in order to display Synthetic Vision and the Moving Map. The SkyView GPS Antenna/Receiver purposely has the a high refresh rate to provide smooth display of moving map and synthetic vision information.

Note that while SkyView can use the GPS position information available from third-party equipment, the low update rates of these signals will result in degraded moving map and synthetic vision performance.

$917 - GPS Receiver/Antenna Module

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These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.

Connections: Each SV-GPS-220 contains: Four leads to attach to the SkyView Main Harness, including RX, TX, 8V, and Ground.