Skyview Integrated COM Radio

The Integrated COM Radio system includes a remote mounted VHF transceiver and two versions of the COM Control Panel available to choose from for mounting in your instrument panel.

By integrating deeply with the Dynon SkyView system, the SkyView COM Control panel tunes frequencies by airport and station type - rather than by spinning in a number - at the touch of a button!

SkyView’s Integrated COM Radio allows you to send radio frequencies from the SkyView map and airport info pages to the COM Control Panel with the touch of a button. When you're feeling nostalgic (or are following ATC instructions), a dual concentric knob lets you spin in frequencies "the old fashioned way." SkyView will identify the airport and station type as you tune to help ensure you're talking to the correct station.

The Dual-Watch feature allows you to listen for transmissions on both the active and standby frequencies simultaneously. Dual-Watch maintains the active frequency priority while allowing you to monitor your standby frequency at the same time. This can be helpful in busy airspace, allowing you to listen to things such as ATIS, all without missing anything on your active frequency.

The COM Control Panel is available in both horizontal and vertical versions so that you can craft your perfect panel. And, because the Transceiver module is mounted remotely, the control panel is only 1.27 inches deep.

The Skyview Integrated COM Radio also features a remote-mounted VHF radio transceiver with 25 kHz channel spacing. It also features a 35 second Stuck-Mic timeout timer, and comes with its own quick-release mounting tray.

Because it is remotely mounted, the transceiver can be located anywhere in the airplane. However, Dynon has created a COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Tray Kit that eases the retrofit of this system by providing an easy means for mounting your COM transceiver in the radio rack area where the COM wiring and antenna leads already reside.

The SkyView COM Radio system meets TSO C169a Class C, E, 4, 6, and TSO C128a requirements

$1,962 - COM Transceiver

$438 - COM Control Panel (Vertical/Horizontal)

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  • Tune frequencies by airport and station type at the touch of a button
  • Send frequencies directly from SkyView
  • GPS-based reverse lookup of airport and station type for manually entered frequencies
  • Vertical and horizontal versions
  • Monitor your standby frequency with dual watch
  • Fully backlit, auto-dimming controls
  • One-touch flip-flop with remote trigger ability
  • Transmit indicator
  • Receive indicator with active/standby differentiation
  • Stuck mic indicator with transmit time-out

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.