SkyView COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Tray Kit

The COM/Transponder Module Mounting Tray Kit simplifies the retrofit of the Dynon remote mounted COM and Transponder transceivers by mounting these modules in the radio rack where previous rack mounted COM and Transponder transceivers were located. This allows the installer to use existing wiring and antenna cabling. While intended to fasten to an existing radio rack, the Module Mounting Tray can also be adapted to mount these modules anywhere in your airplane.

The Module Mounting Tray may be installed either upright or inverted, with module access provided via a fabricated cover plate, or from underneath the instrument panel, depending upon the accessibility provided by surrounding equipment. The kit comes with the module mounting tray with nut plates attached for mounting the SV-COM-T8/T25 or SV-XPNDR-261 module quick release chassis, mounting straps, and all hardware necessary for mounting modules and connecting the tray to existing structure.

$103 - COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Tray Kit

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