SkyView Engine Monitoring System (EMS) Module

The EMS module collects and processes data signals from a wide variety of engine sensors and provides this information to your SkyView display via the SkyView network. SkyView can display your engine information in multiple user-selectable ways. SkyView can display EMS information in three different screen layouts, the Bottom Band, 50% screen page, and the 100% screen page, which provides many viewing options, and screen sharing with other forms of display information.

Twin engine airplanes require two EMS Modules, one for each engine.

Engine sensors and harnesses are sold separately.

$711 - Engine Monitoring System Module

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The Engine Monitoring System can provide a full suite of functions, including:

  • Indicators/Monitors:
    • Tach
    • Manifold Pressure
    • Oil Pressure
    • Oil Temperature
    • Fuel Flow
    • Fuel Pressure
    • CHT (both 4 and 6 cylinders)
    • EGT (both 4 and 6 cylinders)
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Trim Position (if equipped with position sensor)
    • Flap Position(if equipped with position sensor)
    • Landing Gear Position
    • Pitot Heat
    • User-configurable position/status monitoring indicators (such as baggage door, canopy, etc.)
  • Calculators:
    • Fuel Computer:
      • Manifold Pressure
      • Fuel Remaining
      • Fuel Used
      • Fuel Efficiency
      • Fuel at Waypoint
      • Range
    • Engine Timers:
      • Tach Time
      • Hobbs Time
      • Engine Run Timer
      • Engine Trip Timer
    • Flight Timers:
      • Total Air Timer
      • Air Timer
      • Air Trip Timer
      • Switch Fuel Tank Reminder

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.