SkyView Knob Control Panel

SkyView was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, which is why it has eight "soft" keys and two re-assignable knobs. In busy cockpits, sometimes all you want is a knob that always does what you expect.

The SkyView Knob Control Panel has three knobs dedicated to the three most used functions: Selecting your desired Heading, selecting your desired Altitude, and setting SkyView’s Barometric Pressure (BARO). High quality, heavy-detent knobs providing direct-access make the Knob Control Panel a delight to use. It's also backlit, with automatic SkyView-controlled dimming for night flight.

The Knob Control Panel is available in both horizontal and vertical orientations. It installs easily with simple plug-n-play connection to the SkyView network - no additional aircraft wiring needed.

$335 - Knob Control Panel

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  • Dedicated ALT Bug Knob
  • Dedicated HDG / TRK Bug Knob
  • Dedicated Barometer Setting (BARO) Knob
  • Available in vertical and horizontal layouts

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.


  • Dimensions: 3.53" (89.7mm) x 1.80" (45.7mm) x 1.27" (32.4mm)
  • Weight: 0.40 lb (0.18 kg)
  • Power: via SkyView Network