SkyView Remote Magnetometer

The SkyView magnetometer provides heading information to SkyView.

To minimize interference from other equipment that obscure earth’s magnetic field, magnetometer sensors must be located away from other electrical devices, electrical wiring, and ferrous metals- especially ferrous metals that move. This module is remotely mounted in an area of the airplane that separates it away from these magnetic disturbances.

$185 - Remote Magnetometer

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Design Considerations: A SkyView Network Cable is used to connect a Remote Magnetometer Module to a Display. One Remote Magnetometer Module will provide data to as many Displays as are connected in the SkyView System.

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.

1 - 9-Pin DIN Connector for the SkyView Network
2 - 2-Pin Connector for SV-OAT-340 Sensor

Installation Location - Compass: The ADAHRS Modules include a Magnetometer (Remote Compass). This means that it needs to be located in magnetically benign location, away from high current wires and moving aircraft components that contain a ferrous material.