SkyView ADS-B IN Traffic & Weather Receiver

The dual-band SkyView ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather Receiver receives both 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz.

The dual-band SkyView ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather Receiver receives both 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz. When paired with an ADS-B Out device such as our Mode-S transponder, SkyView will provide BOTH relevant TIS-B and ADS-R traffic information including position, direction, speed, altitude, and identification directly to your SkyView display’s PFD and moving map.

SkyView will also provide subscription-free FIS-B graphical weather along with text-based advisories, such as PIREPS, AIRMETS, and SIGMETS from the FAA’s vast network of ADS-B ground stations.

The remote mounted ADS-B IN receiver utilizes an externally-mounted antenna for superior ADS-B reception.

$870 - ADS-B IN Traffic & Weather Receiver

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ADS-B Weather:Subscription-free weather displayed on SkyView, including NEXRAD radar, METARs and TAFS. Airport weather data can be displayed for nearest airports or for a specific airport identifier.

ADS-B Traffic: Receives ADS-B traffic targets with precise location, altitude, speed, and direction. Includes both traffic broadcast from other aircraft equipped with ADS-B UAT transmitters and data broadcast from ADS-B ground stations. For full FAA 2020 ADS-B mandate compliance, pair this receiver with Dynon’s SV-XPNDR-261 and SV-GPS-2020 modules for the industry’s most affordable ADS-B Out.

Antenna Information: The SV-ADSB-472 requires its own antenna; it cannot share the transponder's antenna. A UAT-specific antenna or a transponder antenna may be used with the SV-ADSB-472. Antennas available include (but are not limited to):

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.

The ADS-B antenna must be installed at least two-feet from the transponder antenna.

Dimensions: The SV-ADSB-472 is approximately 2.79" x 4.10" x .97" in outside dimensions.
Weight: 0.3 lb. (0.12 kg)
Power: 0.05A @ 12V DC