Dynon Certified SkyView HDX System Software For Single Engine Aircraft

The software on this page is for STC approved installations of Dynon equipment in single engine aircraft.

The software on this page is for STC-approved installations only. If you have an SkyView system installed in an Experimental or Light Sport Aircraft, please visit the Software download page on dynonavionics.com.

Software Update

For the latest software updates for Piper Seneca PA-34, please visit this Software download page.

How to Update Software

To update SkyView Software, follow the applicable instructions in the ICA (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness).

Software Changes by Version

Version Date Released Changes
16.0.8 12/21/2021 New: Pilot Reports (PIREPS) now available via ADS-B FIS-B in.
New: Lightning reports now available via ADS-B FIS-B in.
Added: Support for minor changes to SkyView hardware. There is no change to customer performance or features.
Added: Support for Airmate aviation data.
Added: Alerts for maintenance log items that are due or have expired.
Added: Ability for pilots to enter a custom ADS-B Flight ID in Transponder Setup.
Added: ADS-B Out can be disabled in transponder setup.
Added: Additional ADS-B Out transponder configuration options for non-US locales such as New Zealand.
Added: Ability to stream datalogging information over wi-fi and ethernet via TCP or UDP. See SETUP MENU > SYSTEM SETUP > DATA LOG > NETWORK SERIAL DATA STREAM.
Added: Added: [requires SV-AP-TRIMAMP Trim Motor Adapter] Trim and autopilots auto-trim annunciations and warnings. If the trim motor is active without recent manual or auto-trim command, TRIM RUNAWAY audible and PFD overlay alerts are presented. If the trim motor doesn't respond to recent manual or auto-trim command, AP TRIM MALFUNCTION audible and system caution message are presented.
Added: Support for turbocharged Continental 360E engine in percent power and hp calculations.
Improved: Lycoming and Continental percent power calculations improved. Existing user settings will continue to use the legacy calculations unless they manually update their engine type. The legacy engine calculations are identified as "DEPRECATED" in the ENGINE TYPE in the setup menu.
Added: Autopilot auto-trim pulse duration is now configurable to tailor performance to aircraft and trim motors. Hardware Calibration > Trim Motor Calibration > Motor > Trim Motor Pulse Time.
Added: Display role can now be configured as EMS, which disallows suppression of EMS page on that display, on SkyView HDX
Added: Option to disable trim advice annunciation on the pitch axis under Autopilot Setup > Pitch Axis > TRIM ADVICE ANNUNCIATION. Most useful on aircraft with autotrim enabled.
Added: SkyView can now express Vne as TAS & IAS.
Improved: When Yaw Damper is engaged, SkyView aural alert is now "Yaw Damper" (previously wass"Autopilot")
Improved: SkyView now filters "ghosts" traffic targets that appear in immediate proximity to the aircraft to prevent false traffic advisories. These "ghosts" usually represent your own aircraft. They are most likely to occur in areas of marginal RADAR coverage.
Improved: Autopilot performance is smoother in level flight.
Improved: Visibility of traffic altitude as displayed on the map page.
Improved: Bearing 2 needle now light blue to improve clarity.
Improved: New Low/High Speed Sensitivity settings for Roll, Pitch, and Yaw autopilot servos to allow the autopilot to take into account airspeed to improve autopilot performance across flight regimes.
Improved: AP disconnect switch now turns off yaw damper in the case when only the yaw damper is active, in addition to when the roll and/or pitch modes are active.
Improved: Airport lighting interpretation improved when using pocketFMS aviation databases.
Improved: When equipped with the SV-ADSB-472, ADS-B Traffic now takes priority over TIS-A traffic in areas where both services are available.
Improved: Colors for NEXRAD radar precipitation have been changed to the following:
  • purple - no data
  • black - trace
  • dark green - light
  • bright green - moderate
  • yellow - heavy
  • orange - heavier
  • red - extreme
  • magenta - more extreme
Improved: AP performance onto glideslope improved, particularly for faster airplanes.
Improved: Autopilot ALT capture and roundout behavior when descent speeds are high.
Improved: Autopilot ALT capture behaviors improved in rare engagement sequences.
Improved: Autopilot capture of HDX/TRK bugs.
Improved: Autopilot altitude capture and roundout behavior improved when descent speeds are high.
Improved: SkyView now uses glide slope instead of VSI for vertical guidance to airports or runways.
Improved: Calculation that SkyView uses to determine magnetic variance has been updated.
Fixed: Clearing an AP TRIM MALFUNCTION warning on one display now clears it on all displays.
Fixed: Certain autopilot settings are preserved across software version upgrades to not force updated default values on already-tuned autopilot installations.
Fixed: Winds aloft on the Airport WX tab now correctly shows information above 3000 feet.
Fixed: Extremely rare audible trim alert that did not match the auto trim command.
Fixed: A bug that caused ARINC labels to occasionally not be received properly. Improves momentary HSI performance issues.
Fixed: SV-ARINC-429 inputs1 & 2 are now selectable for both ARINC modules if 2 are connected.
Fixed: Flight director visualizations now display properly in all PFD field of view modes in SkyView HDX.
Fixed: When autopilot is engaged in airspeed hold mode with an upcoming armed altitude target, transition timing from IAS to ALT mode improved to smoothly capture the target altitude.
Fixed: Weather options menu no longer cut off by the engine bottom band in SkyView HDX.
Fixed: NEXRAD on/off button now works correctly in SkyView HDX.
Fixed: Warnings will no longer cover the slip/skid ball in SkyView HDX.
Fixed: Bugs in the yaw damper display that occur when the yaw servo unexpectedly goes offline.
Fixed: Yaw Servo Offline alert is now a message to match other servo offline alerts.
Fixed: SkyView now works with USB memory sticks that would previously inhibit the display's ability to power on correctly.
Fixed: DISPLAY > DIM OFFSET is suppressed when brightness source setting is set to external.
Fixed: Digital airspeed window would appear red below Vne in six-pack display mode.
Fixed: When HDG>NAV sequencing was selected had not yet transitioned to NAV, autopilot was flying the bug as track, not heading.
Fixed: The Flight Director did not display the requested pitch angle correctly when the PFD was in Wide View mode, causing the flight director to appear hyperactive.
Fixed: Selecting a plate or airport diagram using touch controls would occasionally cause the list to exit instead of selecting the touched item.
Fixed: A bug that could cause autopilot yaw slips to affect roll axis behavior.
Fixed: Multiple instantiations of engine widgets now behave consistently when visible on both the bottom band and 50% simultaneously.
Fixed: The values reported in user datalogs and serial data streams were artificially capped for volts limit, percent power, manifold pressure, and position sensors.
Fixed: SV-ADAHRS-200/201 could improperly use its calibration tables in very unusual circumstances.
15.3.5 4/29/2019 Added: Up to four discrete landing gear contacts now supported. Requires updated engine sensor definitions.
Added: New EGT/CHT styles to support certification.
Improved: Autopilot heading and track hold modes improved to reduce overshooting the desired target direction.
Improved: Certification support: Autopilot now indicates NO ALT INTCP in expert mode when it will never intercept the altitude preselect when climbing or descending in IAS or VS mode.
15.3.4 9/13/2018

Initial release for STC approved SkyView HDX systems.

Updated Engine Sensor Definitions

This file updates the engine sensor calibrations used by the EMS, usually to accommodate new sensors options. This file will not change your sensor settings, red lines, alarms, layouts, or the pins chosen in the Sensor Input Mapping menu. This file must be loaded to each SkyView display individually.

Engine Sensor Definitions

Version: 68996
File Updated: 12/21/2021

Engine Sensor Changes
Version Date Released Changes
68996 12/21/2021

No Changes

68299 11/05/2020

No Changes

68298 5/14/2020

Added: Support for new Kavlico 15/50/150 PSI sensors.