SkyView Trim Motor Adapter

When combined with the SV-AP-PANEL Autopilot Control Panel, the SV-AP-TRIMAMP Trim Motor Adapter allows compatible electric trim systems to connect and be controlled by SkyView. Together, these two products enable most Autopilot-equipped Dynon Certified systems to provide SkyView-provided Trim Control and Autopilot Auto-Trim, as well as a variety of protective features and alerts. See additional Information below.

UPDATED Auto-Trim can be equipped in all Dynon Autopilot-equipped Cessna 182, Beech 35 series, Beech 36 series, Piper Seneca, and Beechcraft Baron 58 series aircraft.

$412 - Trim Motor Adapter

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SkyView Trim Control Speed Scheduling The SkyView Trim Controller, built into the Autopilot Control Panel, receives elevator trim commands from either the pilot or the autopilot, and determines the speed at which the trim motor should respond. The Trim Controller proportionally schedules the trim motor to respond quickly at slower airspeeds, and more slowly at higher airspeeds. The reduction of the trim sensitivity at high airspeeds allows for more precise trim control and fewer trim overshoots.

Autopilot Auto-Trim
Autopilot Auto-Trim allows SkyView to automatically operate the trim when the autopilot is engaged. This greatly reduces pilot-workload by freeing up the need to manually respond to SkyView’s trim advice. It also ensures that when the autopilot is disconnected, the pilot will not be surprised by an out-of-trim airplane.

Protective Features and Alerts
Controlling an airplane’s trim system is a critical function, and Dynon takes safety to the next level. For instance, the trim controller works even if SkyView is offline, as it has its own power inputs. Elevator trim is protected from motor run-away and short circuits, and the pilot’s controls have priority over both the co-pilot and the autopilot's control inputs.

The system also provides the pilot with a warning alert if the trim motor operates without being commanded to do so. It also allows the pilot to electrically interrupt the power to the trim motor by holding the disconnect switch. When the autopilot is engaged, the pitch servo’s active control of the system can make a trim motor or system malfunction. Therefore, these warning interrupt features allow the pilot to stop and isolate the problem before the condition becomes unmanageable. The adapter also provides alerts for when the trim motor fails to operate when commanded, and when the built-in tests of the monitoring circuits fail during system start up.

These specifications are provided for familiarization only. For actual installation, please use the current full installation documentation.